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web 3D service . com - offers a wide range of web site design and promotion services.

At web 3D service you can go through each stage of development, from concept to completion. With our help you will identify the strategies and goals that will make your site a success. We will then take the time to architect the entire development to better meet those goals and to best present your company or product to your audience.

" We offer 50% Discounts to
Ecological, Vegetarian and Pacifist organizations "


Web site design and development

Design prices

Branding(conceptual design of up to 3 pages and logo) - $2000
Photo Editing - $30 per photo
Custom Web graphics - $50 per image
Custom 3D Graphics for web - $300 per image
Custom 3D animation for web - $500

Web coding and text layout prices

Simple html with Your logo and text content - $50 per page
Complex page with graphics and javascript - $200 per page


Flash animation
Enriched with interactivity and sound, flash animation can add a lot of charm to Your web site. A short web animation can effectively substitute a complex text. It's great for online tutorials and branding intros. You can even have your entire site made in flash. So it's only up to you to use Flash or just plain html.

Our prices for flash:
Simple Flash intro without sound - $500 example
Simple Flash intro with sound - $900 example
Complex Flash intro with sound - $2000 example 1 , example 2
Simple animated flash menu - $45 per menu item
look at our top menu for example
Complex animated flash menu - $160 per menu item
Flash web site - $1000 per page example
Flash tutorial - $1500

Programming services

You can find detailed information about our programming services on


Marketing services

Search engine submission / Positioning / Internet Research / Targeting / Consulting / Banners

"We offer 50% Discounts to
Ecological, Vegetarian and Pacifist organizations"


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