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List of the best free tutorials on the web.

Animation tutorials
animation : modeling : FX : texturing : lights setup : misc
  1. Animating a yoyo - by The Jackal`s Forge
  2. How to create a moving Tentacle using Procedural animation - by Marck Hunter
  3. Dynamic Constraints [Star Wars Race Pod] - (Nathan Briggs) - by Nathan Briggs
  4. Expressing emotion through facial animation (General Concept Tutorial) - by Peter Ratner
  5. Human indirect skinning with free-form deformers in Maya 2.5 - by Paul G. Thuriot
  6. Non-Linear Animation in Production (Case Study/Discussion) - by Adam Martinez
  7. Skiing Cycle with DreamLab Datebase - by Federico Cascinelli
  8. The Shaker - create camera - by The Jackal`s Forge
  9. Walk Cycle with DreamLab Database - by Federico Cascinelli
  10. Walk with an expression - DreamLab Database - by Federico Cascinelli
  11. Wing cycle and Wing fan of a dinosaur-bird - by The Jackal`s Forge

3D Modeling tutorials
animation : modeling : FX : texturing : lights setup : misc
  1. A point On Surface Info node trick
  2. Chord attached on both ends - by Jonathan Kemp
  3. Faked Polygonal Metaballs, Objects, polygonal, MetaBalls, Objects - by Peter Wrobel
  4. How to model an o2 - by Marco Savini
  5. How to split a polyset into indyvidual polys - Wim"2UD" Driessens
  6. Modeling a Human Ear - by Jon McBain (Lupin)
  7. Process for Modeling a (poly) Sub Division Head - by Brian Weaver
  8. Modeling Using Connect Poly Shape - by Xen Wildman
  9. Modeling a Bottle - by Kevin Manners
  10. Make text out of polygons
  11. Patch Model a Head - by Daniel Ljungren
  12. Multi-Patch Model Tesselation - by Alex Alvarez
  13. Changing frame rate without changing keyframes
  14. Creating a cord attached to something on each end
  15. The Structure of the Head and Features - by Peter Ratner
  16. Facial Animation Expressing Emotion - by Peter Ratner
  17. Modeling the Figure - by Peter Ratner
  18. Completing the Human Figure - by Peter Ratner
  19. Modeling a Head with Subdivision Emulation - by Jason Baskin
  20. Changing frame rate without changing keyframes
  21. Turning depth map auto focus off to improve shadow quality
  22. How to show a node buried in the hypergraf
  23. Display resolution or film gate? (What defines the edge of frame)
  24. Shader transparency from image file alpha channel
  25. Creating comments for MEL buttons
  26. Subdivision Surface Modeling - by Brian Weaver
  27. Seamless Modeling in Maya part1 - An Introduction - by Michael Bazhutkineling
  28. Seamless Modeling in Maya part 2 - Heads, Hands, Cloth - by Michael Bazhutkineling
  29. Seamless Modeling in Maya part 3 - Dog's Body - by Michael Bazhutkineling
  30. Creating A 3D Eye (Nurbs) - by Steven Tubbrit
  31. Model an alien in Maya - Computer Arts Tutorial
  32. Tutorial: Bird modeling - Aivaras Grauzini
  33. Tutorial:How to Make a Chicken - Computer Arts Tutorial

Compositing and FX tutorials
animation : modeling : FX : texturing : lights setup : misc
  1. Colliding Softies with Rigids - by Paul Anand
  2. Particle runtimerules, dynamics oversamples, and hardware motion blur
  3. Dynamic Constraints [Star Wars Race Pod] - by Nathan Briggs
  4. Emit Geometry from a Point Emitter
  5. How to animate a polygonal tree with particle system - by Olivier Junquet
  6. Surface Emitted Particles on SoftBody Tenticles
  7. Turn auto exposure off for glows in animations
  8. Paint Effects: Brush Restore Tips - by Pierre Kueny
  9. Using paintFX for hair - by Peter Pankras
  10. The Smoking Maya Tutorial - by Paul Anand
  11. Creating a Missile Trail - by Tomer Elgraby
  12. Creating the logo effect from Matrix - by Harley Zhao
  13. Maya paint Effects Tutorial: The Ultimate Hair designer

Texturing and Shading tutorials
animation : modeling : FX : texturing : lights setup : misc
  1. Ugly Character UV Map Tutorial - by Sama
  2. Creating Clouds in Maya using Particle Clouds - by Daniel Tosti
  3. Making Metallic Shaders - by Cris Hunt
  4. Layered Texture - by The-Real-Mrhell
  5. Maya Fur FAQ - by Jill Jacob
  6. Putting a label on a bottle - by Kevin Mannens
  7. Shadow Passes in MTOR (RatCollector Technique) - by Nicolas "casquette" AITHAIDI
  8. RIBBOX IN MTOR - by Nicolas "casquette" AITHAIDI
  9. Cornell Box Simulation - by Nicolas "casquette" AITHAIDI
  10. Animating Shader Parameter in MTOR - by Nicolas "casquette" AITHAIDI
  11. Making realistic glittering snow - by Inti
  12. Raytrace Shadows with Transparent Texture Files - by Daniel Tosti
  13. How_to-paint_on_subdivision_surface_inside_Maya - by Fabio Bonvicini
  14. How to create a Wet Shader - by Sean Fennell
  15. Faking outdoor global illumination - by Emmanuel Campin
  16. Creating motion-blurred shadows in Maya - by Emmanuel Campin
  17. Faking ray-traced shadows with detph-map shadows in maya - by Emmanuel Campin
  18. How to create a backlight shader - by Emmanuel Campin

Light and camera setup tutorials
animation : modeling : FX : texturing : lights setup : misc

MISC 3D tutorials
animation : modeling : FX : texturing : lights setup : misc

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